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ESG Services

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) has become an important measurement to report on for businesses. With regulations around ESG increasing on a global scale and studies correlating good ESG practices to increased revenue growth, ESG performance has become a key factor when selecting who to do business with. Let SkillSourceUSA handle all your ESG needs effortlessly.

Utility Data Management & Greenhouse Gas Calculation

1) Supporting clients with the aggregation of energy consumption data from utility providers

2) Utilizing energy consumption data and local emissions factors to calculate greenhouse gas emissions from downstream leased assets
3) Entering data into Energy Star Portfolio Manager for scoring and preparation for potential benchmarking requirements

ESG Reporting

1) Designing clients’ annual ESG report in alignment with common reporting standards and frameworks (SASB, GRI, TCFD, etc.)
2) Supporting with the development of quarterly and annual ESG reporting tailored to investors

Biodiversity Tracking

1) Identifying the properties in a clients’ portfolio that are in proximity to protected areas of high biodiversity to support compliance with GRI 304 – Biodiversity

GRESB Submission

1) Quarterbacking the GRESB submission process by gathering data/information from relevant parties and drafting answers to qualitative questions
2) Working with GRESB to quality check clients’ submission and revise accordingly to achieve the best score possible

ESG Advisory Services

1) SkillSourceUSA’s ESG professionals can advise our clients on any additional ESG priorities and strategies as necessary

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