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Vendor Management

Unlock the power of our extensive contractor and vendor network as we handle the entire bidding process for you. With seamless integration, we quickly upload work orders into your CRM, streamlining your operations. Count on us to ensure accuracy and fairness in invoices, guaranteeing timely payments and a hassle-free financial experience.

We specialize in building a robust database of contractors and vendors in individual markets, ensuring a wide network of reliable professionals for your build and remodel projects.

Our team handles the entire bidding process, inviting competitive bids for upcoming projects, and providing you with a range of options.

We ensure that your Client CRM is updated with contracts and incoming bids, keeping all relevant information organized and easily accessible.

With our expertise, we seamlessly upload work orders into your CRM, maintaining a clear overview of project progress.

Our meticulous approach extends to validating invoices from vendors, ensuring accuracy and fairness, and approving payments in a timely manner.

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